Short-term Goals


  •  Using the Environmental Risk Assessment Protocol, IERY aim to build research system quantifying the human health effect based on the exposure evaluation of nano-materials and hazardous chemical materials. We will establish a basis for environmental pollution and diseases management system.
  • IERY will contribute to engage existing health care leadership groups the lead in climate change issues such as de-carbonizing, green hospitals, building resilience and advocating for a healthy climate.

  • IERY lead to develop a green, climate-smart health system framework with health impact assessments for human by the climate change and provide academic backgrounds for national energy decision-making processes in each countries.

  •  Especially focusing on sensitive population including children, IERY prevents environmental health problems by exposure assessment of children’s’ major micro-environments. IERY is also developing the risk management technologies with assessment of human health effect caused by air-, water-, and indoor environmental pollutions.

  • In addition, IERY expected to burnish university’s and organizational image through the collaboration with local communities for developing health risk assessment technology tailored corporate or community and enabling researchers to do the basic studies for practical applications.
  •  IERY will promote domestic application of international management system of chemical material such as European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals or United Nations Globally Harmonized System through a consultation process.


Long-Term Development Plan


  • The Long-term plan, formally reviewed and updated with interim biennial reviews, provides an essential step in the hierarchy between the 10-year long-term strategic plan and the biennial plan to progress in the field of environmental public health.

  • IERY will form the basis of establishment of Health Risk Based-Green Integrated Assessment System to manage the risks posed by chemicals and nano-materials, provide appropriate safety, and ensure the quantitative assessments integrating the potential health risks, adverse impacts on the ecosystem,and exposure assessments.

  • We will establish IERY as a trusted research institute specifically focused on environmental public health and play a key role for the management and prevention of environmental diseases.

  • In a diversity of collaborations with domestic or international institutions, IERY aims to educate and train health professionals to address the environmental public health problems with the complexity and diversity from the rational-comprehensive perspective. IERY will continue to set partnerships and expand the spectrum of collaborations to achieve goals.